10 Medium Regiment (India)

10 Medium Regiment is part of the Regiment of Artillery of the Indian Army.

The regiment was raised on 25 September 1954 at Firozpur. It was formed to make for the shortage of artillery units after independence. 5 East Punjab Frontier (EPF) Militia Battalion located near Thakurpur, Gurdaspur was re-organised as 77 Field Battery Border Scouts. Similarly, 11 and 4 EPF Militia Battalions were re-organised as 78 and 79 Field Battery Border Scouts. In August 1954, the three batteries were brought together to form 10 Field Regiment. Lieutenant Colonel Cyril Anthony Lobo from 9 Field Regiment was sent to become the first commanding officer on 27 October 1954. The regiment converted to a medium regiment in 2010.

At the time of its raising, the regiment was changed to an 'All India All Class' composition, recruiting troops from all parts of the country. In 1960, the regiment was changed to a fixed class composition - 77 battery - Sikhs, 78 battery - Ahirs and 79 battery - Brahmins. The regiment reverted to its 'All India All Class' composition in 1999.

Following its conversion to a medium regiment in 2010, the regiment has been equipped with 130 mm guns.

The regiment has taken part in the following operations -

As the regiment traces its history from the border scouts, it retains the Garuda as its regimental insignia.

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