High Performance Artificial Graphite Powder

Artificial graphite is a conventional anode material in battery R&D and industries. Compared with natural graphite, artificial graphite has better cycling performance and rate capability. This artificial graphite has enhanced performances compared with conventional products, such as higher energy density, long cycling life, low expansion and excellent high and low temperature performance. It is made from high quality cokes by novel sphericalization and nanopore introduction. It can be used for coin cell, cylinder cell, polymer cell and EV with high performance need.


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High Performance Artificial Graphite Powder for Lithium Ion Battery Anode

Product nameArtificial Graphite Powder
Other nameMCMB synthetic Graphite Powder
Particle sizeD10D50D90
Tap Density0.75~0.95 g/cm3
Specific Surface Area3.1~4.1 m2/g
First Discharge Capacity≥ 355 mAh/g
UsageLithium Ion Battery raw materials
AppearanceBlack Powder, No Agglomeration, No Sundries
BET3.1~4.1 m2/g
Package500g/bottle or as your demand

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Weight1 kg

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