Conductive Acetylene Black Nano Powder for for Li-ion Battery Anode/Cathode Research


Acetylene Black nano powder is obtained by thermal decomposition of acetylene gas. It has high purity and conductivity. Acetylene Black is widely used as a conductive additive for battery cathode and anode preparation. For example,

Cathode: Cathode Active Material + Acetylene Black (Conductive Additive) + PVDF + NMP
Anode: Anode Active Material + Acetylene Black (Conductive Additive)+ PVDF + NMP (or SBR + CMC)

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Product name Conductive Acetylene Black Nano Powder
Material Conductive carbon black
Formular C
CAS.NO 1333-86-4
Particle Size 30 ~ 45nm
Usage Li-ion battery electrode material and conducting material
Appearance Black powder
Density 160kg/m3
Apparent specific volume 15-17
Resistivity 1.8 Ω.M max
PH 6-8
Iodine absorption 90 g/kg min.
Loss on heating 0.3 % max.
Ash content 0.2 % max.
Oil Absorption ≥250 ml/100g
Impurities N/A
50g/bottle or bag or as your demand.
Avoid moist

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