High Voltage, High Capacity Lithium Cobalt Oxide LiCoO2 LCO Powder


Lithium cobalt oxide is now widely used as the cathode material in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries found in consumer electronics products. When being charged, the cobalt is partially oxidized to the +4 state, with some lithium ions moving to the electrolyte, resulting in a range of compounds LixCoO2 with 0 < x < 1. Lithium ion batteries made with LiCoO2 cathode have good capacity stability, but have lower capacities and power than those with cathodes based on nickel-cobalt-aluminum (NCA) oxides.

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Product name Lithium Cobalt Oxide Powder  (LCO)
Purity 99.5%min
CAS.NO 12190-79-3
Formular LiCoO2
Usage Li ion battery materials
Appearance Black powder
Tap density ≥2.8 g/cm3
BET 0.1-0.3m²/g
Chemical composition (%)
Co 59.00~61.00
Fe ≤0.015
Na ≤0.02
Cu ≤0.02
Ca ≤0.02
Ni ≤0.03
Particle sizes
D10 ≥4.0 µm
D50 14.0~18.0 µm
D90 ≤45.0 µm
Package 500g/bag or as your demand

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