Battery Grade Lithium Chips 12mm Diameter and 0.6mm Thick


Lithium chips are widely used in Li ion and Li-Metal battery research. Lithium is very reactive in air. Never open the packing in air. Package must be opened inside a glove box with Argon Gas and moisture less than 2%RH.

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Coin cell lithium chips dimension choice guide:

The diameter and thickness of lithium chips can be customized upon request. The diameter can be customized to be 6~25 mm while thickness can be 0.1~4 mm.

Lithium chips with 15.6 mm Diameter and 0.25 mm are popular for CR20XX coin cells, especially for CR2016 coin cells.

The diameter of lithium chip usually is larger than active electrode diameter and smaller than separator diameter. The thickness depends on the coin cell thickness and whether spacer and springs are used. The common size is listed below:

Φ15.6*0.25mm Φ15.8*0.58mm
Φ16.0*0.20mm Φ16.0*0.60mm
Φ15.6*0.45mm Φ15.0*1.00mm
Φ15.4*0.80mm Φ16.0*1.00mm

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