Lithium Copper Laminated Foil Anode for Lithium Batteries


This lithium (40 um) copper (11 um) laminated foil is designed for used as the anode in a pouch cell or cylindrical cell for new generation Li-ion batteries, such as lithium metal batteries and solid-state batteries.  Pouch cell is a type of battery design which is simple, flexible and lightweight. Compared with other battery design, pouch cell has the best packing efficiency, 90~95%.

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Never open the package in air. Store in Argon-filled glove box with moisture less than 2%RH.  

This lithium copper laminated foil can be customized upon request, such as single/double sides lithium lamination, thickness and width of lithium and copper foil.  Minimum order quantity applies for customized products. Contact us

Pack Size 100g/pack

Cu (≥99.99% purity); Li (≥99.9% purity)

Single side Lithium foil laminated on Copper foil

Overall Dimensions

Lithium foil: 40 um thick, 60 mm wide

Copper foil: 11 um thick, 100 mm wide

Package and shipping Shipped as a HAZMAT

Additional information

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