SiOx/C Carbon Coated Silicon Si Based Composite Materials For Anode


SiOx/C composite silicon based anode is a trending anode material for lithium ion battery due to their high capacity. This product is manufactured through unique technologies, such as hollowing, nanolization and surface modification. It has low volume expansion, long cycling life and high capacity. Li2O, generated by the reaction of Li with SiOduring the initial lithiation process, can act as a buffer component to improve the cycling performance of electrode. Carbon in the composite improves the electronic conductivity and prevents the agglomeration of nanoscale Si. This product can be used for lithium ion battery with high capacity need.

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Product name Carbon Coated Silicon Si Based Composite Materials
Other name MCMB synthetic Graphite Powder
Purity 99%min
Material Carbon
Formular C
CAS.NO 7782-42-5
Particle size D10 D50 D90
5-9µm 15-17µm 25-31µm
Tap Density 0.9-1.1 g/cm3
Specific Surface Area <2.0 m2/g
Usage Lithium Ion Battery
Appearance Black Powder
BET ≤4.0 m2/g
Package 500g/bag or as your demand

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