Cucaita is a municipality in the Central Boyaca Province, part of Boyaca Department, Colombia. The urban centre is situated on the Altiplano Cundiboyacense at a distance of 20 kilometres (12 mi) from the department capital Tunja. Cucaita borders Sora in the north, Tunja in the east and south and Samaca in the south and west.

The name Cucaita is derived from Chibcha and means either "Seminary enclosure" or "Shade of the farming fields".

The area of Cucaita in the times before the Spanish conquest was inhabited by the Muisca, organised in their loose Muisca Confederation. Cucaita was ruled by the zaque of nearby Hunza.

Modern Cucaita was founded on August 12, 1556 by friar Juan de Los Barrios.

Main economical activities of Cucaita are agriculture (predominantly onions and peas), livestock farming and minor carbon mining.

View of Cucaita

Central square

Church of Cucaita

Church interior

Monument to Rafael Antonio Nino

Rural Cucaita


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