Cucunuba is a municipality and town of Colombia in the Ubate Province, part of the department of Cundinamarca. It borders with the municipalities of Ubate, Lenguazaque, Suesca, Choconta, Tausa and Sutatausa.

The urban centre of the municipality is located in the Ubate Valley at an altitude of 2,590 metres (8,500 ft), while other parts stretch over the mountainous sectors of the Eastern Ranges of the Colombian Andes. The urban centre is at a distance of 90 kilometres (56 mi) from the capital Bogota.

The name Cucunuba comes from Chibcha and means “Similarity to a face”.

Cucunuba in the times before the Spanish conquest was part of the Muisca Confederation, a loose confederation of rulers of the Muisca.

Modern Cucunuba was founded on August 2, 1600, by Luis Enriquez.

Main economical activity of Cucunuba is carbon mining. More than half of the municipality’s area is covered with farmfields and livestock farming producers. Main agricultural products are potatoes, peas and wheat.

Church of Cucunuba