Rolladen-Schneider LS9

The Rolladen-Schneider LS9 is an 18 metre single-seat motor glider launched in 2000 by Rolladen-Schneider. Production ended after just 10 gliders were built, when Rolladen-Schneider went into receivership.

The LS9 was the sole self-launching glider developed at Rolladen-Schneider. The prototype first flew in 1995, powered by a Rotax 535 two-stroke engine. Production of this engine was discontinued by Rotax, putting the LS9 project on hold pending the development of a suitable engine.

The Solo 2625 engine and a Technoflug two-blade propeller were finally selected. The engine installation, including the carbon composite propeller mast and folding exhaust system, was developed by the specialist firm Walter Binder Motorenbau GmbH, having nearly 100% commonality with the Schempp-Hirth Ventus CM installation.

General characteristics


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